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Don't Take Financial Advice From Broke People!

What sense does it make to take advice from someone who is not an expert in what they are trying to tell you about? We've all fallen victim to this. We've been programmed to stay in this routine where we're stuck at a dead end job, all the while, receiving pats on the back for being "responsible" and grinding it out, day in and day out. No matter how much time you spend there you never move up until the person above you either dies or retires from the job he/she spent their whole life hating. Then you move into that position only to grow old and bitter and retire like they did. You may even be the "smart one" and actually save money for retirement in your 401k... but just before you retire, the bottom falls out of the market and you're stuck working the rest of your life. Take my mom for example; she's worked her whole life, saving in the meantime for retirement, only to have the rug yanked from under her, so abruptly, she now has to work instead of retiring. I don't know about you, but I see now that system is broken!

I have found ,what I perceive as, the most profound system I have ever come across for creating wealth without a substantial financial investment.
Don't be deceived... there is work involved... time spent... but not near the amount of time I've wasted or efforts I've put in at my previous jobs to outperform my colleagues with the hope that someone would notice and pat me on the back.
I can't express to you how much I enjoy connecting with people, on a daily basis, to see their hopes and dreams materialize. Watching them break the spell of, what I like to call, "the typical"... The beauty of this system is the way the business is built, so that no one gains from anyone's failure. I succeed only if you succeed.
I have and will continue to surround myself with successful people who's advice is relevant to my success. My advice to you is: you do the same. Don't take advice from people trapped in the rat race, because they don't want to see you succeed. That would only make them have to examine their lives since your success, in their eyes, only validates their failures.
I encourage you to do something to enrich your life, today! Surround yourself with positive people whom are willing to work tirelessly and selflessly to help you succeed at achieving your goals.
Contact me for information on how you can join a team that will do just that... who will work with you daily to achieve your goals. A team of people who live by the mantra, " if you help enough people to get what they want, you in turn will get what you want." -Zig Ziglar

It’s simple, CLICK HERE, watch a short video that explains the system I am talking about in more depth and decide for yourself that NOW is the time to make that change, to do something to enrich your life TODAY! Take the PLUNGE! JOIN ME!

I am Seth Robinson and I AM LIMU!

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 Seth M Robinson 
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Monday, January 2, 2012

To Your Success, 
Seth M Robinson
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Monday, December 19, 2011

What is Blu Frog?

What is BLU FROG?

BLU FROG is a wildly healthy LIMU-based energy drink that helps improve performance, endurance and concentration.

What does BLU FROG cost?

Comparable in cost to other energy drinks, BLU FROG sells for $65 per case of 24 cans.

How much Limu is in a can of BLU FROG?

Each 8.4oz can of BLU FROG contains 2oz of our proprietary ORIGINAL LIMU Blend.

Is it safe for anyone to drink?

Though it has all natural ingredients, we do not recommend women who are pregnant, children under 12 years of age and people who are generally sensitive to caffeine to drink BLU FROG.

What does Taurine do?

Taurine is an antioxidant that offers numerous benefits, such as strengthening the heart muscle, stabilizing heart rhythm, and preventing blood clots. It also alleviates muscle fatigue and increases exercise capacity.

What does Quercitin do?

Quercetin inhibits the breakdown of the adrenaline that your body creates naturally so you feel energized for a longer period of time without forcing your body to produce more adrenaline.

How many cans are okay to drink in one day?

We recommend drinking no more than three cans in one day.

Can I drink it with other products?

We encourage you to incorporate it in with other LIMU products, such as drinking a BLU FROG before you work out and then having a LIMU LEAN Shake after your workout to rebuild your lean muscle tissue and help with recovery. It is also highly beneficial to support your immune system on a daily basis by drinking the recommended servings of LIMU ORIGINAL.

How long do the effects last?

Though everyone is different and it may depend on the level of activity exerted after drinking a BLU FROG, the average length of energy felt is four hours.

To Your Success,
Seth M Robinson
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Friday, December 9, 2011

What is Limu Moui?

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The unusually low death rate and high incidence of healthy centenarians- that is persons over 100 years of age, in Tonga have prompted observers to ask why this should be so? The Tongans themselves would probably refer the curious back to an ordinary sea plant which the Tongans have harvested and eaten for thousands of years, as they believe it to be a source of longevity and health.

Limu moui is a valuable source of an interesting biochemical called fucoidan and is a marine vegetable native to the coastal region of the island of Tonga. Recent research has revealed that the Tongans' faith in their brown sea plant has not been misplaced as it would appear to be a natural restorative and rejuvenator packed with nutrients, rich in antioxidants and live plant enzymes. It is said that these enzymes can provide improved protein digestion, support for the immune system and optimize overall health.

Limu moui contains quantities of polyphenols-natural antioxidant compounds which mop up the dangerous free radicals which can damage cells thus causing degenerative conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes offering nutritive support to anyone suffering from a nutrient deficient diet. These powerful antioxidants can detoxify the body from heavy metals, free radicals and toxins, improve the structure of hair, skin and nails, support gastrointestinal function, assist in the reduction of high blood sugar and cholesterol and help to protect cells from damage at a cellular level.

As scientific research and data begins to emerge, this remarkable sea plant is creating significant interest among biochemists. Simply eaten as a vegetable it has offered people remarkable immune building and nutritive support, now it is available as an extract after 15 years of research into how to harness its unique properties and optimize the utilization of its therapeutic applications.

Limu Moui- the health secret of the South pacific

In the temperate and unspoiled seawater off the coast of Tonga, dense aquatic forests of Limu moui thrive in the fertile bottom soil. Although used by the local populace for its healing and restorative properties over many years, the potential of Limu moui has only recently been recognized in the western world then only due to the curiosity of health-minded individuals. Soon questions regarding the superior longevity, vigor, disease resistance and overall body strength and stature of Tongans provoked investigations into the diet and routine consumption of this sea vegetable were initiated, with researchers attributing the superior health of the Tongans to this unique plant.

Limu Moui contains a balance of synergistic nutrients in natural proportions:

Glyconutrients (galactose, mannose, xylose)
Amino acids (including glycoproteins)
A wide range of essential and non-essential fatty acids
A broad spectrum of essential minerals and vitamins
A variety of polyphenols (powerful antioxidant plant compounds that protect the body from dangerous free radicals)

Limu moui's polyphenol content alone is sufficient reason to consider this sea plant a valuable dietary supplement. These polyphenols are known to act as superb cell protection that can help prevent - malignant growths, tissue damage, degenerative diseases, toxic accumulation in tissues, skin deterioration.

Limu moui also contains additional agents which can optimize health such as:

Fucans and fucoidan - complex polysaccharides with cancer-protective and immune-stimulant properties, which also raise HGF (hepatic growth factor) for be-improved overall health.
Organic iodine - supports normal metabolism and optimal thyroid function
Alginate - a natural detoxifier.
Laminarin - an anti-clotting and anti-cancer compound

Limu Moui is a storehouse of natural vitamins and minerals. Many people now realize that, in the main, our food is grown in depleted soil, soil stripped of vital minerals due to modern farming methods and your food intake may not provide your body with the essential minerals it needs to remain healthy. Limu Moui provides an excellent vegetarian source of minerals in a natural colloidal form easily assimilated by your body. Colloidal minerals are readily accepted by the body unlike metallic minerals which can accumulate in body tissues crating organ damage. Iron supplements are a classic example as inorganic iron is not excreted from the body and can have disastrous results. Submerged in seawater, Limu Moui plants absorb minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, boron, zinc, and iodine. It is also rich in natural vitamins such as B1, B2, niacin, B12, E and biotin. It is important to note that vitamins render no health benefits if our bodies are deficient in minerals.

Scientific research into claims about Limu Moui led researchers to a compound called fucoidan and it is the presence of this polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) in the cell wall of Limu Moui which makes this plant so beneficial for human health, indeed it has been said to closely resemble the uniquely perfect immune-boosting food - human breast milk. Equally interesting is it's ability to bond with sulphate groups. New studies tell us that the more sulphate groups a plant has the more therapeutically active it is. Limu Moui has one of the highest fucoidan content when compared to other marine algae.

Fucoidan's anti-inflammatory properties may help with a range of inflammatory conditions. Scientists at the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow reported in 1997 that fucoidan can actually inhibit the inflammatory process contributing to peritonitis. They discovered that the presence of fucoidan prevents inflammation causing white blood cells from migrating to the site, thereby reducing inflammation having implications for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Fucoidan can stimulate tissue replacement in the skin. In the October issue of Biological Pharmacology Bulletin, Japanese scientists reported that it is the fucoidan content of seaweed that boosts the production of a protein - integrin, which repairs and firms skin. They further reported that fucoidan promotes the contraction of collagen gel which serves to boost wound healing. It is also suggested that brown seaweed compounds actually shorten the cycle in which the skin cells replace themselves. I have to say that from personal experience I have noted that a scar from a serious burn sustained seven months ago is now rapidly disappearing since I started taking a Limu Moui supplement.

Primary Applications of Limu Moui:

Abrasions, allergies, arthritis, atherosclerosis, autoimmune diseases, backaches, bladder infections, boils, bowel disorders, burns, cancer, chronic fatigue, weak circulation, colds and flu, colon diseases, congestion, constipation, depression, diabetes, earaches, eye inflammations, fever, fibromyalgia, gingivitis, headaches, heart disease, herpes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hyperactivity, hypoglycemia, hypothyroid immune dysfunction, indigestion, insomnia, liver disorders, menstrual cramps, mood disorders, mouth sores, obesity, pain, parasites, peritonitis, prostate disease, rashes, respiratory infection, sinusitis, skin disorders, sore throats, strep infections, stroke, toothaches, tumors, ulcers, wounds, yeast infections.

Reference: Rita Elkins, M.H. Woodland Health Series, IBSN 1- 58054- 097- X

By Angelina Cooke

To Your Health & Wealth,
Seth M Robinson
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Fucoidan Fights Cancer

Article in Healthy Life for Wellness Living Health and Beauty Blog Just For You...

Today, cancer becomes the most frightening disease of all. The average survival rate of cancer is so low. The disease is caused by the growth of abnormal cells in one of our organs. it can be widely spread to all over body, if we do not take a curing treatment soon after we have been diagnosed. What are the treatments offered by the doctors? It can be surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or the combination of all treatments. Yes, they sound as frightening as the disease itself. And yes, they may bring some ‘terrible’ side effects. So, is there any other alternative treatment we can do?

Let us go back to nature. It is time for fucoidan for cancer treatment. What is it? Fucoidan is a type of sulfated polysaccharide found in the wall cells of algae and species of brown seaweeds, such as bladder wrack and kelp. It contains galactose, glucoronic acid, xylose, fucose, and many other substances which have benefits for health and medication, such as for stimulating immune system, treating allergies, curing inflammation and infections. It can also be used as an anti-coagulant, anti-thrombotic effect, and antioxidant.
How can fucoidan work on cancer? It is rich of omega-3 fatty acid and iodine, in which those two substances have benefit to reduce the risk of cancer. Amazingly, Fucoidan can stop the growth of cancer cells and stimulates the death of those dangerous cells (apoptosis). It is because the Fucoidan directly interferes with the binding of epidermal growth factor to its receptor in the cancer cells. Besides, it has chemo preventive effect to cancer cells because it contains high calcium. Now, it is clear that Fucoidan is good to counter cancer cells.

ORIGINAL LIMU is 83% Fucoidan!! You owe it yourself and those you love to drink it for your health!!

To Your Health & Wellness,
Seth M Robinson
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LIMU --> The Products are Phenomenal!

Cited in more than 900 independent, unsolicited third-party scientific studies, the benefits of Fucoidan have been touted in medical journals around the world since 1970. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. You can see the research yourself at—the US National Library of Medicine website (. Studied for its wholesome complete nutritional factor, Fucoidan focuses on antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and other remarkable benefits unlike those of any other botanical. LIMU represents the origin of a complete offering of leading products with a pure and concentrated proprietary Fucoidan extract formulated by scientists and researchers. Ranging from anti-aging to weight management, LIMU is the marketplace authority on Fucoidan’s vast array of nutritional qualities. You simply won’t find anything like it anywhere else.
It might sound a little tricky, but, the long and short of it is this: for 3,000 years, our friends in the South Pacific islands have embraced the health benefits of this unique marine bioactive found in a seaweed called limu moui.

Tonga is the richest source of Fucoidan you’ll find on this planet. Limu has long been a dietary and medicinal staple—widely celebrated as a source of longevity and good health. Along with the potent and efficient Fucoidan, limu moui also contains more than 70 essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glyconutrients and polyphenols.

Recent scientific exploration and popularity elevates Fucoidan as a continually highlighted and emerging supernutrient. And, with our limu extract in all of LIMU’s products, you’re able to live the EXPERIENCE with any of them, no matter what your health and nutritional goals are.

To Your Health & Success,
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Experience Financial Freedom

If you're like me you see the value of multiple streams of income! I KNOW this system will help you find financial freedom, allow you to stop trading your time for money, work less and enjoy more. If you have made it this far on the blog, either what you are doing for a living isn't working, or simply not giving you the money you need, the time you need, security you need or the freedom you need. Maybe you don't have the ability to do extra things like take trips or, maybe, its just having more time to be with the kids. I don't know what your reason is, or your situation, but it landed you here today reading this blog. You are searching for something that your current situation is not providing. You are looking for a change or simply just to add an extra stream of income to your life, to earn money, so you can do things that you're not able to do currently.

Maybe you are interested but you have done "those network marketing things" before.
Did you commit to this "network marketing thing"? Did you have the right training? Did they give you a blueprint to succeed? Maybe you had the wrong company with the wrong types of products and services? Maybe it was the wrong time? Maybe it was a combination of everything. Whatever it is you still landed right here today looking at this site.

"This opportunity is different in sooo many ways."

This opportunity can give you freedom like you've never had before. This is a proven model with proven results, stability of income and unlimited earnings potential. This, by far, is the best opportunity I have found in all my years in business. The training we provide is a blue print for YOUR success, it has and will work for you too when you JOIN TODAY!

"The decision is yours... do you want to keep doing what you're doing and getting the same results? Or would you like to step outside of the box and commit to something that will change the rest of your life?"

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The Dream Team

That's my vision. That's what histoty will remember us as. A group of people with one mission. One common goal. Working together of one accord, of one mind and one spirit for each other's continued success. The people who rejected, as false, the notion that another man's failure would, therefore, somehow secure his own success. Visionaries... of something better, something bigger and something brighter. The ones that acted on an opportunity when it was in front of them instead of accepting as their fate the current financial conditions in which they lived. That's what we're building here every day; The Dream Team... I encourage you to contact us for more information on how to join a WINNING Team.

Dream Big For Your Success,
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The LIMU Story

Where we began
The story

When Gary J. Raser came across a rare and relatively unknown seaweed called limu moui, he had an altogether unique experience he didn’t understand entirely at first.

He’d been searching for something to fulfill his vision of developing a superior liquid nutritional supplement and he recognized that this could very well be it. Gary learned that limu moui (or limu) was regularly used in Tonga to treat a wide array of health problems and that it was added regularly to the islanders’ daily diet. In fact, Tongans considered limu the secret to happy living. Gary was intrigued; he wondered if this fairly common experience of theirs was one he could help to recreate on his own shores and beyond.

Upon further investigation, he learned that the plant contained within it a unique marine bioactive called Fucoidan.

In fact, hundreds upon hundreds of studies had been conducted detailing its significant properties as a supernutrient. Once Gary knew that, he knew he could no longer stand idly by.

Gary quickly took action to bring limu to the world, and The LIMU Company was born. The very weekend LIMU opened its doors, over 9,000 applications poured into the office’s fax machine in two days’ time. It speaks to just how much LIMU’s Members believed in the power of Fucoidan and how much they wanted to create their own experiences built around the company’s flagship product, LIMU ORIGINAL®.

Since then, LIMU has gone on to distribute millions of bottles of its LIMU ORIGINAL® beverage to consumers worldwide and is recognized as the original and leading liquid seaweed company. Today, it is also the home of two other distinctive product lines: LIMU LEAN® and LIMU ENERGY®. The distinction of limu as a leading source of nutrition and wellness enhancement coincides perfectly with the company’s growth and success. As a result, people across the globe can now enjoy what the people of Tonga have enjoyed for centuries: the experience of adding limu to their way of life.

At its core, LIMU promises two very important thingswith its combined product and business ideologies—a more vibrant, healthier life and absolute financial freedom. A third closely follows those, too: with LIMU, you will live better. So, with its products, you can feel better. And, by successfully sharing LIMU with others, you may readily experience lifestyle freedom and security, more than you ever have before.

Additionally, LIMU GIVES through its For Goodness Sake initiative. From helping those who can’t help themselves to feeding the hungry at Thanksgiving and countless other times throughout the year, those at LIMU firmly believe there is more to life than just taking. Gary and his corporate staff have always felt that, the more you are blessed, the more of a blessing you must be.


To Your Success,
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